Services PCSS Offers
Virus and Malware Removal
This is the absolute specialty of PCSS. Erasing everything and reinstalling Windows is NOT the proper way to handle viruses the majority of the time! Bring your system to a true expert at precise disinfection so you can get back to work without digging out all your old passwords and software CDs.

We also do our best to find out and explain exactly how the virus got in and patch up the system so it doesn't happen, almost always without trying to sell you a paid protection suite.
Speeding up Your System
The most common complaint about a computer is it's too slow. There are high priced, ineffective, or overkill methods for fixing it then there's what PCSS does. Often times removing particularly slow software, disabling needless boot-time processes, and changing to a newer antivirus all drastically improve speeds. When hardware updates are the best option, it's never overkill for what you need.

If it isn't cost effective or possible to sufficiently upgrade a system, you'll be told what the next best alternative is and it won't be based on sales quotas, current inventory, or pressure from vendor to push certain products.
Hardware Upgrades and Replacement
Using up all your RAM? Running out of space on your hard drive? Games not running fast enough? Fans getting unbearably loud? PCSS can help!

Sadly, experiences at other shops have convinced people that even the simplest repair will cost some sort of outrageous "minimum charge." Not so with PCSS. We have no minimum labor charges for certain types of part replacements and repairs. In fact, most replacement parts are provided at cost with only a labor charge and many upgrade parts include free installation.
Free Diagnosis
Like many other computer service companies, PCSS offers free diagnosis and assessment of a system. Unlike other companies, if you decide not to fix the problem, the diagnosis is still free.

Most other industries don't charge money just to tell you how bad the damage is or how much their products and services will cost so neither does PCSS. Whether you find out the problem is much simpler than you anticipated or you find out your system isn't repairable, PCSS won't charge you to find out.
Recycling, Erasing, and Trade-Ins
PCSS offers free computer electronics recycling in small to medium amounts. There are small fees for certain types and amounts of items but the majority of items are free. Also, if it still works, it may be eligible for a trade in credit based on useable parts inside your old system or the whole system itself.

Note: All working storage devices dropped off for recycling or traded in are securely erased for free. Since they all eventually end up for sale online or sent to a foreign country, erasing your data off them first is a very good idea. That's why PCSS offers it as a non-optional service at no cost (for reasonably small amounts of storage devices. Large server arrays, exotic hard drive types, and large piles of loose drives may incur an erasing fee).
Free Data Recovery Assessment
Data recovery isn't PCSS's speciality but we're equipped with enough software and hardware to make a reasonable attempt at getting your data off a corrupted or partially failed hard drive. The determination as to if and how much data we can recover is always done for free and usually immediately.

For the majority of customers, we can recover most of their data and at a much lower price than our competition.