PCSS Offers Secure and Effective Data Destruction and Computer Recycling:

There is no shortage of data destruction and tech recycling providers but none of them take secure data destruction as seriously as we do. Please contact us with details of your project to get the best quote, bid, or offer. Here's generally why we are different than our competition.

• Data destruction certificates for each drive erased are available upon request
• All drives are erased in days, not weeks
• To protect against theft of the drives (and your data on them) all drives are kept under armed guard 24/7 and typically have their erase cycles monitored by our night time staff to verify each is being completed properly.
• Most importantly, almost all recycling and erasing projects are completely free of charge including on-site pickup. • If your hardware still has value, we'll pick it up, erase it, and pay you for it and our prices easily beat out all of our competitors.

Isn't it time you started taking your company's data destruction seriously?