Why custom build?
One of my favorite things about my business is building perfect custom computers for customers. Whenever people hear "custom built" the first thing they think of are outrageous prices. That's not the case with PCSS. Here are a few reasons why our computers are a better choice than the typical store-bought product.

Price: What you intend to do with a computer should match what it's capable of doing or you risk overpaying. More often than not, customers require "unbalanced" computers that are extremely capable in one way and less so in other ways. With preconfigured computers at the typical retailers, if you need a lot of memory to run a lot at once, a sufficient computer suddenly has a gaming caliber graphics card and an absurd amount of storage, neither of which you may need. With a custom built PC, you get exactly what you need so you don't overpay.

Parts: These days very few manufacturers use respectable parts. If they can get less durable, less stable parts for cheaper, they will.

Speed: So many other PCs are built with unnecessary bottlenecks. Parts will be mismatched so that one holds the other back and the inferior part was used because there were more of it in stock. This is not an acceptable practice at PCSS.
Also, if there are faster parts available, a precise cost vs speed improvement ratio is calculated and the recommendation is based on that.

Speed (again): Even if a large manufacturerer does get the hardware right, they load the system with so much unnecessary software that it slows down immensely. There are free trials of many programs, advertising stuffed everywhere, and flashy features that take up time. It's like driving your brand new boat with the anchor down. We at PCSS use unmodified, original copies of Windows and only install the lightest, more efficient software, none of which is advertising-based or "free trial" software. This ensures your system runs blazing fast with less compatibility problems and software conflicts.

Warranty: Like almost all other manufacturers, PCSS systems carry a 1 year warranty against hardware defects only (so not viruses). However, others' parets barely make it to 1 year and then fail far too often. The parts I use are such high quality, they typically have a 3 year, 5 year, or lifetime warranties. If that part fails within that time period, it will be swapped out under warranty for no additional hardware cost.
It's worth mentioning that after 9 years, 1 part in 1 PCSS or PCR system has ever failed that I heard about.

Better Transition: Unlike lesser trained staff at the larger stores, I specialize in moving files, software, and settings from your old computer to your new one. Everything from compatibility testing ahead of time, password retrieval, safer data transfer methods, secure erasing of the old system after a waiting period, and proper re-configuration of a huge amount of various software ensure the transition goes more smoothly.