About Peter's Computer Service and Sales LLC
PCSS was formerly known as Peter's Computer Repair. We offer drop-off computer service in the Appleton area and generally service the entire Fox Cities area from Neenah to Kaukauna. I started my business over 9 years ago while always keeping in mind common complaints about most computer repair shops and trying to do things differently. Below are some key points I stick to when operating my business:

• Stay Current - I always stay on top of the latest hardware to ensure PCs are built and maintained with the best, most cost-effective parts. Viruses and other malware are constantly changing and there is no blanket solution to remove it all. The only way to properly disinfect a computer is to constantly keep up with removal techniques and tools.

• No Insane Prices - It's mind boggling how much other repair shops charge for their services and people actually pay it. Given the cost of entire replacement computers, it just doesn't make sense. It's always been my opinion that pricing shouldn't be based on what I think I can charge, it's what I should charge to stay in business and nothing more. I could charge outragous prices but I don't. Combine that with keeping expenses as low as possible and the result is a price that customers can live with. With PCSS, there are no TV ads, custom vehicle graphics, race car sponsorships, outrageous uniforms, giant buildings, excessive staff, corporate overloards, or overpriced part distributors. That means no enormous expenses passed on to you, the customer.

• Free diagnosis - Why should a customer have to pay to find out if their machine is repairable or pay a diagnostic fee simply to get a quote? No other business charges you money to get a price on their product. That's why the diagnosis is always free, whether you decide to repair it in the end it or not.

• No Cheap Parts - There are plenty of budget parts out there but that doesn't mean anyone should use them. The big names in computer manufacturing have resorted to buying the cheapest parts they can find regardless of quality then offering the shortest warranty possible. The probability of a minor or major part failing on a low quality system within the useable life of the desktop is absurdely high. Nobody wants to deal with downtime and sudden expenses from failed DVD drives and blown out power supplies and you certainly don't want your hard drive failing and all your data along with it. That's why all parts used for custom builds and most replacement parts I use have an intended lifetime of 5+ years. Some even have lifetime warranties.

• Reinstalling Windows is Not the Magic Fix - So many shops have resorted to running an automated tool or two and if the system isn't fixed, they erase everything and reinstall Windows. It's much easier, requires very little thinking or skill, and in some cases it's faster but it's not the right answer. You're stuck tracking down any software installers and CDs, external device drivers, passwords, etc and the entire experience turns into a hassle. I specialize in fixing any possible problem with any Windows operating system including removing viruses manually so your computer will be repaired and returned to exactly as it was before.